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Heidts Automotive Blog

    1970 Chevrolet Nova - Seeno Evil

    Sal Selectively Slices a Beater and Connects the Dots

    Sal Seeno’s 53, married, and has two kids who are in their 20s. His vocation? Well, he manages equipment, but didn’t tell us what kind. All we really care about is that he’s car crazy, and one with plenty of experience.

    He’s already done […]

    1973 Chevy Camaro - Green With Envy

    Randy Johnson Calls His Latest Second-gen Envious, But this Car is Sure to MakeLot of Other Camaro Owners Totally Jealous

    Randy Johnson is no stranger to Camaros—not by a long shot. Through his company, D&Z Customs in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, he's built his fair share of the most killer g-Machine […]

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