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Heidts Automotive Blog

    1970 Chevrolet Camaro - RPO ZZZZZ28

    A Second-gen with the Fabled Sleeper Option

    The shelf life for newly built cars is notoriously short. Trends evolve so rapidly that a car deemed cutting edge upon its completion can lose its novelty in a matter of months. Once it hits its first anniversary, a hot car usually has about as much […]

    1967 Chevrolet Nova - Hot-Wiring Number Six


    One More for the Road...

    While always a fine daydream, the act of totally refurbishing dead or nearly dead Detroit iron is always a much more expensive proposition than assuming someone else’s poor judgment and failed process. That’s exactly how Jim […]

    1967 Chevrolet Nova - Red Rocket

    Jay Biondo’s Nova produces 1,100 hp to the wheels!

    The Long Journey

    Fifteen years is a long stretch, no matter where you do it. But spending half your young life on an elective, a project, is quite another. In the hot rodding sphere, 15 years might as well be a century. You challenge the […]

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